Equipment For Running Triathlons

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If you are an athlete then you definitely know how important performance metrics are. Whether you are running or swimming, there is a need to track your speed, heart rate, stamina and distance covered. In order to get better and improve your fitness game, tracking your data is very important. Which makes a product like a triathlon watch essential, since it can help you manage all your data and track your exercise as well.

If you are interested in buying a triathlon watch then there are some useful features that you need to look out for. Most importantly, a triathlon watch will track your swimming metrics, biking metrics and running metrics. So, if you are a cyclist or a swimmer this makes a triathlon watch a must have.

Features to Look for When Buying A Triathlon Watch

So, what features should you look for? Well, there are a few key features that are really important when you are buying a fitness tracker. A watch that measures swimming, cycling and running metrics is an ideal obviously, but there are many products with built in GPS trackers and heart rate monitors, which will give you the extra data you need to improve your overall performance.

Running Features

Ground contact time, Vertical Oscillation and Cadence are some of the most valuable features that a triathlon watch can track. Every smart watch provides basic tracking but a triathlon tracker will keep more in depth metrics and data.

Cadence – amount of steps taken per minute. This takes the weight of your body and height into consideration and calculates an overall score.

Vertical Oscillation – how much time it takes you to go up and down during your steps.

Ground Contact Time – the amount of time taken for your foot to hit the ground and lift off.

Pro Tip: An ideal Fitness Tracker triathlon watch will have a GPS tracking system for long distance runs.

Cycling Metrics

A triathlon watch also measures cycling metrics.  This is done through an accelerometer sensor, but it wont be 100% accurate. To get a better idea of your cycling progress you may want to pair your watch with a power meter. What is a power meter? Well, a power meter is a really handy feature for cycling metrics. It attaches to your bike and has a sensor to monitor pedal rotations, which help you to keep track of your cycling metrics.

Power Meter can be paired with any smart watch that possess ANT+ functionality. The ideal fitness tracker will have this feature as it is really handy. ANT+ can also be used with most heart rate sensors to help keep track of your heart rate during your cycling training.

Swimming Metrics

Everyone knows when it comes to triathlon training, swimming is an integral part. So, the first question is how waterproof is your triathlon watch? Every watch has a different waterproofing degree. A good triathlon watch must have an ATM rating of 5 or more, As this will allow it to handle complete submersion.

A triathlon watch should also have a good GPS as it allows an option for open water swim tracking, which is handy for tracking your swimming during laps around the lake. A lot of triathlon watches available don’t have an open water tracking feature. So, be very careful while buying a triathlon watch because open water tracking is very important. Triathlons generally take place partially in open water so ignore all the watches which do not have this feature. Devices such as the Garmin XT series have this feature.

One more feature that is really important in swimming metrics is the swim efficiency. Swim efficiency will track the swimming speed and it is a really handy feature in swim metrics. This feature will allow you to improve your swim speed. Open water tracking and Swimming efficiency are the two major features you should look for before buying a triathlon watch.

Triathlon watches can help you in your fitness tracking progress and will allow you to save your data ahead of time and after the races. Starting your training with a triathlon watch that can track it all will give you a huge benefit over the competition. It can be a bit difficult to find an ideal sports watch that has all the above important features. But if you keep the above mentioned features and points in mind it will be really easy for you to find a good triathlon watch.

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