Fixing Cavieties

by admin

When I was a kid I used to hate going to the dentist. I’m sure there are not many people, young or old, who like going to the dentist. But Iwas always under the impression that if you wanted to keep all of your teeth intact you should avoid the dentist. I did my best to avoid it in my adult years and i never had braces, and as it turns out, I probably did the right thing. Once I started learning about nutrition I realized that cavities are pretty much preventable. I started to follow a pretty simple protocol: try to eat how my ancestors ate and avoid certain foods that cause mineral imbalances.  I try to modal my diet off of the writings of Weston Price, a dentist from the 1930s. Price conducted studies on tribal and indigenous societies throughout the world. He discovered that the real cause behind tooth decay was: 1. a lack of fat soluble vitamins and minerals in the diet, and 2. large amounts of certain foods that irritate the body and cause a mineral imbalance. His main area of focus was on comparing different diet protocols and studying the results.  In his book, Nutrition & Physical Degeneration, Price compares the traditional diets of the  Gaelics in the outer Hebrides to the more  modernized Gaelics of that era. Take a look at this picture of 2 brothers who were from the same town but ate completely different things:


Price wrote:

“The brother on the left had excellent teeth and the one on the right rampant caries. These boys were brothers eating at the same table. The older boy, with excellent teeth, was still enjoying primitive food of oatmeal and oatcake and sea foods with some limited dairy products. The younger boy, seen to the left, had extensive tooth decay. Many teeth were missing including two in the front. He insisted on having white bread, jam, highly sweetened coffee and also sweet chocolates. His father told me with deep concern how difficult it was for this boy to get up in the morning and go to work.”

While it it obvious that the one eating the sweets has bad teeth, the real reason why is not so clear. As it turns out, eating certain foods that are high in phytic acid actually winds up causing your body to pull minerals from your teeth, resulting in tooth decay.  Wheat and most wheat products all contain high amounts of phytic acid and generally that’s what I try to avoid. The tricky part is avoiding all the sugary stuff and sticking to a specific food routine. I mostly eat meat/dairy, with a lot of vegetables and foods that have no phytic acid, like white rice. Additionally, I make sure im getting my fat soluble vitamins in the form of fatty fish oils. This helps to re-mineralize your body so your teeth will stop decaying.  Cod liver oil is a supposed to be really helpful for preventing cavities. Usually I am not a big fan of supplements, but I am even less of a fan of the dentists drill. If your lazy like me and don’t want to do in depth research you can find a good comparison table here.

So that’s it. A surefire way of preventing your teeth from being damaged by a (dentists) drill. Hopefully one day my teeth will look closer to the brother on the left!

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