My Tour Of Eastern Europe

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I have always wanted to visit an indigenous culture or at least a place that used to be home to an indigenous culture. What I mean by that it is
a place that was isolated and lived by its own rules. A place that had a specialized diet.

As you know I’m a fan of the teachings of Weston price, and most of his studies were done in Eastern Europe. As I’ve grown older I haven’t been able to travel as much as I used to. My age coupled with planning a whole itinerary makes always makes me put my travel plans off indefinitely. Luckily, there are many small group tour companies out there that will package an entire trip for you so you don’t have to do any of the hard work and research. Personally, my go to company is Original World, since they offer small group tours and are very affordable. I’ve always been wary of tour companies but this one seems to be highly specialized towards older travelers.

Original World offers tours to many eastern European countries, but most of them are somewhat out of the way. Since I was interested in the culture, I felt that this would be a great company to book a tour with since they seem to target a more niche audience. In any case I signed up for one of their Caucasus tours, and I was not disappointed.

The the highlights of the tour was the mixed ethnicity in the locals. This region has been invaded and conquered so many times over the years and  it has many different cultures residing in it. This is great because that means the region has a rich history, especially in terms of diet. I was doing a lot of research on ancestral plants before I won on this tour, and it was great to see the actual places and me to ancestors of the people who once lived there. To to give you an idea: the region is home to many ethnic groups, like Persians, Arabs, Huns, and Russians.

This place was right up my alley. In ancient times, the culture here was highly isolated and had a unique diet – high in things like butter and raw milk. They also consumed many organ meats and were free of tooth decay. This is one of the cultures Western Price studying in his book and was fascinating to see this culture up close. I feel like I could go on all day about this tour, but I will stop there. If you haven’t quite been sold on traveling at, checkout a tour company like Original World. They have many different tours to fascinating places. This is especially true if you’re in herbalism, health, and ancient cultures.

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